I would like to offer you a relaxing treatment during these unprecedented times, as I believe that it is more important than ever to look after your health and emotional wellbeing .
To make my practice as safe as possible I have introduced the following measures:
• Your initial consultation will be online
• Payment for appointments will be made online
• A Covid-specific self-assessment form and the regular consent form will be emailed to you upon making an appointment. In order for me to be able to proceed with your treatment, I must have this form signed and emailed back to me  after your first appointment but no later than 48hrs before your scheduled appointment. 
• On the day of your appointment I will give you a call to check you have not developed any Covid-related symptoms; these details will be noted on a special form and will be filed away with your care notes. 
If you have developed any Covid-symptoms, we will have to re-schedule your appointment.
     • Upon arrival, I will check your temperature with a no-contact thermometer, the reading should be  ±36.8. and offer you hand sanitizer.
My promise
• I will wear a mask and visor along with a white coat. No jewellery will be worn and my hair will be pulled back.
• Regular and vigilant hand washing, and hand sanitising routines are in place as per my Safe Practice Guidelines.
• The treatment room is disinfected and aired between patients.
• Door handles, flat surfaces and commonly used areas will be disinfected between appointments.
Your responsibility
• Please inform me as soon as possible if you have developed any  Covid-related symptoms
• Please bring in a clean mask for the duration of your treatment. If you have forgotten it, I will have one available for you at a small charge of £1.00. The mask must be put on before entering the premises.
• Please wear loose clothing that allows easy access to your legs and arms.
• Please do not wear jewellery.
Please contact me should you wish to discuss the above.

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