Holding Hands

You are not alone

Fertility issues affect one in seven couples in the UK. Infertility is an overwhelmingly physical problem, but it has life-changing effects on the psycho-emotional level. Yet this aspect of it is very often overlooked. It has a tremendous impact on various parts of the couple's life and often on the treatment and its outcome. Studies suggest that fertility struggles cause the same level of anxiety and depression as a cancer diagnosis does. 

Do you feel that any of the below can help you on your fertility journey:

  • being emotionally in control

  • knowing how to reduce stress and anxiety

  • understanding your emotions and where they guide you,

  • using techniques that can help you stay calm, confident and in control

  • living in the now whilst holding a space for a baby

  • learning how to plan positively instead of being stuck in the past or present

  • sharing your journey with someone who understands what you are going through?

Book your First Aid Session by sending me an email.

During the session, I will :

  • help you unravel the overwhelm of your fertility journey 

  • share with you your Success Step Strategy to reclaim the person who you really are

  • teach you a calming technique for when life is overwhelming you

  • share with you your unique F.R.E.E.™ - Feel Right Emotional Empowerment Life Strategy 


*I am convinced that you will like the  First Aid session and how the Freedom Fertility Formula can help you hence why I offer a fully refundable policy after the first session.

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