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Fertility Sanctuary and Hope and Growth Fertility are offering the Freedom Fertility Formula™

as group sessions


 New  start date will be announced soon. To reserve your place please click below.


What are the benefits of doing the Formula™ in a group?

  • a unique experience of closeness and bonding that has a miraculous power in     healing

  • a sense of trust and safety

  • a shared experience: you’re not on your own but a part of a collective

  • unity, which is an amazingly powerful tool

  • bonding with others is therapeutic

  • support system in group members

  • accountability

  • cost-effectiveness

The sessions are held via Zoom, from the comfort of your home.


The Formula™ provides the opportunity to explore

  • emotional difficulties

  • fears, anxieties, or distress

  • any triggers and how to deal with them efficiently

  • what hope means for you so that hope does not turn into despair every month

  • all the things that are creating barriers and

  • preventing you to live your life in a positive way.


What you learn is powerful, and immediately applicable in life situations.







The Freedom Fertility Formula™ Group Sessions Package includes:

- 12 x 90-120 minute online sessions weekly

- Access to written & audio content

- FREE Life Quest Journal to plan, reflect and stay on track

- Email contact as required between sessions

- A unique Facebook page for this group only

- Membership of a supportive and sensitive wider community


Would you like to  join our next group? Please email us, date will be confirmed soon.














Claire Caldow is from a Psychology, Counselling, and Therapeutic background of 15 yrs with a special interest in creative and embodied therapeutic approaches to bring balance and regulation, to rediscover freedom and joy.

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