Emotional pain hurts

"The scars you can't see are the hardest to heal" - C.S. Lewis

Emotional pain hurts. It holds you back from living your life fully.

If this pain went away, what would you do?

Would your life be different?


What would you like your life to be about?

How has this struggle and emotional pain interfered with your goals?

When you start to accommodate your pain, it interferes with your activities.

Two things are happening here:

1. you have the pain of presence, a.k.a your current pain, and

2. the pain of absence a.k.a all those things your emotional pain prevents you from doing.

The more you try to push away the pain of presence, the more you feel the pain of absence, because your life is on hold.

So what are you supposed to do?

  • give yourself a break and have compassion for yourself, what you are dealing with is hard

  • acknowledge that many experiences in your life cannot be changed nor can be controlled by you

  • consider that there is an alternative to control, which is letting go

  • allow the presence of all experiences from a gentle, loving position

  • stay in the present moment

With the help of the Freedom Fertility Formula™, I can walk with you on your journey, hold the space for you and give the power back to you.

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