How do I support you through my questions

when you work with me as a Freedom Fertility Formula ™ Specialist

"In the word question there is a beautiful word - quest" - by Elie Wiesel

Why questions I hear you ask?

We are conditioned to find the right answers, but wouldn't it be more helpful to know how to ask the right questions?

Asking the right questions will help you

  • in decision-making: to work through your own biases

  • to connect and to form stable and lasting relationships

  • to be creative so that you can start to explore and find inspiration

How do I use respectful questions to support you?

I ask thought-provoking questions to clarify the way you think and feel and to invite you to reflect and draw out your own insights.

The right questions support you to:

  1. get to the problem at hand

  2. focus on how you are currently perceiving your unique difficulties

  3. connect the dots and lead you to understand yourself on a deeper level

  4. find your intrinsic or inner motivation

  5. discover your limiting beliefs, which empowers you to re-write your story

  6. challenge your existing beliefs

And with all the above, the right questions create new neural networks in the brain, which lead you to holistically improve all areas of your life.

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